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A Modest Sum for Us... A Life-Changing Investment in Their Future

Donate Now Through Network For GoodNagpur's slum children are born into a life of struggle and without help there is little hope for even a moderately comfortable life. But the good news is that real change can be affected using minimal resources. Nav Jeevan Sanstha School can hire a teacher for just $750 per year. And a child can receive everything he or she needs to thrive at NJS -- food, shelter, clothing, medical care and educational materials for approximately $250 per year.

NJS turns away children every day. Children who want an education, who are seeking a way out of the desperate slum lifestyle. Additional funds will allow NJS to help more children. They will also allow the school to expand its curriculum to include English language and computer skills, providing more opportunities for future employment.

Even a modest influx of funds will prevent the school from closing its doors to needy children, children who have no other hope for a better life. Your tax-deductible contribution will help make room for new students, and give them real hope to break the cycle of poverty. Contributions to A Child's New Life Foundation are 100% tax deductible pursuant to Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3). View our profile at

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Donate Now Through Network For Good

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